Rock Physics provides the connections between elastic properties measured at the surface of the earth, within the borehole environment or in the laboratory with the intrinsic properties of rocks, such as mineralogy, porosity, pore shapes, pore fluids, pore pressures, permeability, viscosity, stresses and overall architecture such as laminations and fractures. Rock Physics provides the understanding and theoretical tools required to optimize all imaging and characterization solutions based on elastic data.

The present site is a collection of resources for rock physicists and those who use the results of rock physics in their work.

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EAGE-SCA international Symposium on Digital Rock Physics and Applications

This EAGE-SCA Symposium is jointly organized by EAGE and SCA (the Society of Core Analysts). China University of Petroleum Beijing (CUPB) will host the Symposium on its campus on March 30-31, 2016. Registration will open soon!

The symposium aims to review the latest development of digital rock physics with emphasis on its applications in petroleum industry, especially the current and potential contributions to exploration and exploitation of unconventional resources. The symposium will start with keynote presentations and go on with different technical sessions, panel discussion and a wrap-up speech in the two and half days.

Rock Physics Influencers

October-November 2015: Leon Thomsen

Leon’s undergraduate degree was earned in 1964 at the California Institute of Technology, then and now a pre-eminent center of excellence in geophysics. In those days, the real excitement was in plate tectonics, planetary exploration, and the constitution of the earth’s deep interior, not in hydrocarbon exploration ...

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December 4, 2015 11th Biennial International Conference and Exposition 2015 
December 6, 2015 The 9th International Petroleum Technology Conference (IPTC) 
January 31, 2016 EAGE Workshop on Seismic Reservoir Characterization: Unlocking the Potential 
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"Colin Sayers" recently added a comment on What are unresolved issues in rock physics? Aug 9, 2015. "One important issue concerns the estimation of geomechanical properties, such as static elastic moduli, rock strength, friction angle, etc., from rock physics properties. Read more