Rock Physics Influencer Profiles

Rock Physics Influencers program (RPI) is an initiative to provide short interview statements from nominated and selected eminent scientists who have been recognized to have made significant contributions and impacts that influenced changes to the rock physics community. The same set of questions was asked to capture different views from the selected influencers who work on various rock physics sub-disciplines. The influencers are invited to share their pathway for success, viewpoints they see in rock physics challenges, and advice they have for aspiring rock physicists. The program honors the prestigious scientists for their long standing research and continuous contributions in the area of rock physics. The profile is updated on a bi-monthly basis. 

Upcoming RPI profiles:
15RPI, January-February 2018: Paul Hatchell (Shell)

2018 Influencers: 
Paul Hatchell (Shell), Tiziana Vanorio (Stanford), Rune Holt (NTNU), Dario Grana (U of Wyoming)

13RPI, September-October 2017 
Borish Gurevich 

Boris Gurevich obtained his Diploma (Russian equivalent of MSc) at Lomonosov Moscow State University in 1981 and started his career at the Moscow Institute of Geosystems. His early work included numerical analysis of NMR signals, and application Read more ...

14RPI, November-December 2017 
Ran Bachrach 

Ran received his B.Sc. in geophysics and planetary science in 1993 at Tel Aviv University, and a Ph.D. in Geophysics, with a Ph.D. Minor, in Civil Engineering, in 1998, from Stanford University. His doctoral dissertation was titled “High Resolution  Read more ...


11RPI, May-June 2017
James Berryman

Jim has undergraduate degrees in Math and Physics from the University of Kansas (in Lawrence Kansas). His advanced degrees are in Physics (major in solid state physics) and an Electrical Engineering minor (in nonlinear electrical systems).  Read more ...

12RPI, July-August 2017 
Michel Kemper 

Michael Kemper is a geoscientist/petroleum engineer with 28 years’ experience in geophysics, petrophysics, and reservoir engineering. He spent the first 13 years with Shell International in The Hague, Nigeria, and London, during which time he  Read more ...

9RPI, January-February 2017 
Bill Goodway

I grew up and was educated in the UK near London. My early introduction to science came at Brentwood School, a 550-year-old boarding school in County Essex, just east of London where two imaginative teachers made physics, astronomy and Read more ...

10RPI, March-April 2017 
Manika Prasad

Manika started her career with a geology degree from Bombay University. After hearing about plate tectonics from her undergraduate professor (Dr. Sethna), she was hooked! That fascination took her to Germany to study Marine Geophysics and Geology. Read more ...

7RPI, September-October 2016 
Colin Sayers

Colin Sayers was born in the North West of England, and obtained a B.A. in Physics from Lancaster University in 1973. He then moved to Imperial College, London, where he received a D.I.C. (Diploma of Imperial College) in Mathematical Physics  Read more ...

8RPI, November-December 2016 
Per Avseth

Per Avseth is currently an independent geophysical consultant based in Oslo and an adjunct professor (since 2008) in reservoir geophysics at NTNU in Trondheim. Per is an expert in rock physics and quantitative seismic interpretation. He has been  Read more ...

5RPI, May-June 2016 
Jean-Pierre "JP" Blangy

It took me about ten years to find a scientific problem that I really wanted to solve, that morphed into identifying other problems, and it all turned into a passion: that of using rock physics, in some form or fashion, to solve practical  Read more ...

6RPI, July-August 2016 
Serge Shapiro

Serge A. Shapiro is a full Professor of Geophysics at the Freie Universität Berlin, Germany, and since 2004, Director of the PHASE (PHysics and Application of Seismic Emission) university consortium project. His research interests include  Read more ...

3RPI, January-February 2016
Erling Fjær 

Erling Fjær is a chief scientist at SINTEF Petroleum Research in Trondheim, Norway. He also holds a position as adjunct professor at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. For the last 30 years, he has been working within the areas 

4RPI, March-April 2016
Jorg Herwanger

When I started to study Geophysics, I knew one thing for certain: “I will not work in the Oil industry”. This was just after the Exxon Valdez oil spill and at the onset of the decommissioning debate of the Brent Spar. Big Oil was evil. Geophysics Read more ...

1RPI, August-September 2015 
Dave Dewhurst

Dave Dewhurst is a senior research scientist at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) and is based in Perth, Australia. He has a long standing interest in clays and shales, dating from the early 1990s, where he worked   Read more ...

2RPI, October-November 2015 
Leon Thomsen

Leon’s undergraduate degree was earned in 1964 at the California Institute of Technology, then and now a pre-eminent center of excellence in geophysics. In those days, the real excitement was in plate tectonics, planetary exploration, and Read more ...