SEG Houston 2017: The 9th Annual Rock Physics Reception

Please join us for the 9th Annual Rock Physics Reception!                      

You receive this invitation at a time when many of us in the Houston area are dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey that recently devastated the Houston Energy Corridor with severe flooding. At the same time, another major storm is heading through the Caribbean towards Florida and parts of India and Bangladesh are recovering from severe monsoon flooding. Turbulent times are these for many of us around the world, and that regardless of the oil price.

With the SEG going forward with its Annual Meeting in Houston and our sponsors firmly committed, we are glad that we can continue with hosting the customary Rock Physics Reception during this year’s Houston SEG Annual Meeting. Please join us for drinks and snacks, an open mike session to discuss hot topics, and to connect with all your rock physics friends, old & new!

We will meet on Tuesday, Sep 26, 2017 from 17:00-20:00 h at The Lucky's Lodge 2024 Rusk St, Houston, TX 77003. The venue is approximately a 7 minute walk away from the George Brown Convention Center.

Thanks to our gracious sponsors Ikon Science, Qeye Labs, and Shell for supporting the free drinks and food. We have 150 spots open for you, to claim one of them please register yourself here swiftly if you are likely to attend. Please un-register as soon as you know you can’t come. If you 

want to bring a friend or colleague along, please ask him or her to sign up here as well. If you are not planning to attend the SEG but are in Houston area, please come by and join us at the event.

To sign up, please RSVP with your name, information and email address. Your data will not be shared. If you would like vegetarian food, please indicate in the comment box at 

the bottom of the form.

We RP Reception organizers look forward to seeing you in Houston!

David Cho, Stephan Gelinsky, Boris Gurevich, Michael Kemper, Alex Martinez, Kyle Spikes, and Sirikarn Narongsirikul

Download a flyer here