EAGE workshop: Rock Physics: The Essential Tool in Oil & Gas

Post date: Jan 15, 2017 8:53:23 PM

Rock Physics underpins much of modern Reservoir Modelling and Simulation.  Similarly, it is instrumental to intelligent Field Management.  In the broadest sense, it provides robust Theoretical, Experimental and Computational methods for maximising Value of Information, quantifying Risk & Uncertainty, and optimising Decision-Making, over the entire Field Lifecycle - in essence, it transforms raw data into essential Reservoir properties, and allows us to make rigorous predictions about Coupled Rock/Fluid behaviour in the presence of uncertainty.  As the Industry navigates through challenging Economic times, greater technical complexity, and into the era of Big Data, Rock Physics is set to take centre-stage in integrating and facilitating our understanding of the Subsurface. Following the success of three previous workshops held in Dubai 2012, Oman 2014 and Istanbul 2016, EAGE is planning a fourth Rock Physics workshop to take place in Abu Dhabi, on 11 - 13 November 2017.   The past workshops witnessed a total of 70 presentations from around the globe, with different perspec­tives, including academia, research, oil companies and service providers, which really emphasized the sig­nificance rock physics has started to play in our everyday geoscience workflows. From frontier plays to field development and optimization, rock physics is now an entirely integrated science.

In this fourth EAGE workshop we will be further building upon the main theme of the role of rock physics in reservoir modelling and simulation. The theme encourages a showcase of studies and chal­lenges in the field-development life cycles, where rock physics has been integral.

Call for Abstracts is currently open for both oral and poster presentations, with the deadline for submitting as 15 April 2017.  The technical committee invites you to submit an abstract of 2–4 pages, on the following topics: 

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Event website: http://www.eage.org/event/index.php?eventid=1542&Opendivs=s3

Submission Guidelines and Abstract template: http://www.eage.org/event/index.php?eventid=1542&evp=20074

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