Geophysics Call for Papers: Deciphering fractured rock properties from seismic wavefields

Post date: Aug 27, 2016 7:54:15 PM

Geophysics Call for Papers

Deciphering fractured rock properties from seismic wavefields

Fractures and fracture networks are important geological objects that tend to dominate the mechanical and hydraulic properties of rocks. Their presence has a profound impact on the management of most carbonate, shale gas, tight gas, and tight oil reservoirs. Seismic methods are considered as an important tool to detect and provide information on fractures, such as predominant orientation, sizes, and density. However, even though there is a good understanding of the effects of fractures on seismic wave propagation, the detailed characterization of fractured rocks based on seismic data is an ultimate frontier in exploration geophysics. New research efforts are needed to achieve this important goal.

This special section of Geophysics is dedicated to seismic waves in fractured media and how seismic signatures can be used to characterize fractured rock masses. We invite papers with novel contributions in this field, covering theoretical and experimental aspects at different spatial and temporal scales and also case studies of seismic fracture characterization. More information click here

Submission deadline: 1 February 2017