AGL (Allied Geophysical Laboratories), University of Houston

Centre for Energy Geoscience, UWA 

Center for Rock Abuse, Colorado School of Mines

CWP (Center for Wave Phenomena), Colorado School of Mines

CREWES (Consortium for Research in Elastic Wave Exploration Seismology), University of Calgary

Department of Exploration Geophysics, Curtin University

Earth Resources Laboratory (MIT)

EAP (Edinburgh Anisotropy Project), British Geological Survey

EDGER Forum, The University of Texas at Austin

Experimental Geophysics Group (EGG), University of Alberta 

GPX (Paris Exploration Geophysics group)

Geophysics, Rock Physics & Borehole Research Group, University of Leicester

IC3 (Integrated Core Characterization Center), University of Oklahoma

iPMI (integrated PoroMechanics Institute), University of Oklahoma

Laboratoire de Geologie de l'Ecole Normale Superieure - Paris, France

Laboratory for Rock Physics, University of Maryland

Micro Xray-CT/NMR research group, UNSW Australia

National University of Singapore

Natural Resources: Hydrocarbons, Geothermal Energy, Minerals & Aggregates, The University of Auckland

Petroleum Geoscience, University of Bergen 

Petroleum Geosciences, Petroleum Institute (PI)

Petroleum Geosciences and Geophysics, Texas A&M University

Petro-Physics Group, University of Leeds

RCP (Reservoir Characterization Project), Colorado School of Mines

Rock and Ice Physics Laboratory, University College London

Rock and Mineral Physics Lab, University of Minnesota

Rock Mechanics and Geology, Technical University of Denmark

Rock Physics and Computational Geomechanics Laboratory, University of Toronto

Rock Physics and Geotechnics, University of Southampton

Rock Physics and Hydrate Laboratory, Texas A&M University

Rock physics group, ANU

Rock Physics Network, ETH Zurich

RPL (Rock Physics Laboratory), University of Houston

Rock Physics Research Group, Purdue University

Rock Seismic Research Project (ROSE) - NTNU Trondheim

SRB (Stanford Rock Physics Project)

SRPL (Stanford Rock Physics Laboratory)